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Versatile, Fun, Fast, Simple and Safe

Dromeas Yachts

Far beyond being a simple shipbuilder.

Dromeas Yachts has settled for a capable team that offers the highest quality finishes and details on every boat produced. The mission is to create the best experience on board and for this reason it is paid special attention to ensuring that each material and piece is used in the best way. In constant growth and evolution Dromeas Yachts focuses on the epoxy glass technique and vacuum infusion with carbon fiber reinforcements, manufacturing durable and safe boats prepared for any adventure that is undertaken. The product range goes from 6 to 15 meters, with center consoles and hardtops.

Model range

All the essentials for a get away from land.

  • D28 CC
    D28 CC
  • D28 WA
    D28 WA
  • D28 SUV
    D28 SUV
  • D33 WA
    D33 WA
  • D33 SUV
    D33 SUV
  • D38 CC
    D38 CC

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